Gaiante “col fondo”

Gaiante “col fondo”

It is the sparkling Prosecco of times past, non-filtered according to tradition. Delicate fruity aromas with notes of bread crust. The sediment at the bottom is a guarantee of natural bottle fermentation.

Gaiante “col fondo”


straw yellow
fine and persistent
delicate fruity aromas, notes of bread crust and yeasts; the notes become more complex upon contact with the yeasts
tasting notes
dry, robust and harmonious
alcohol content
10.5 % vol
sugar content
no sugars
total acidity
5.5 g/l
dry extract
19 g/l
2.30 - 2.50 bar
wine and food pairing
goes well with charcuterie, fried food, fish dishes, risottos with mushrooms or vegetables
serving temperature
cool before serving to 8-10°C
bottle upright in a cool dark place. Avoid long periods in the fridge
wine list
Valdobbiadene Prosecco D.O.C.G. bottle fermented ‘with sediment’


grape varieties
100% Glera
grape production area
hills between Valdobbiadene, Susegana and Collalto
average altitude of the vineyards
200 - 300 metres a.s.l.
exposure of the vineyards
west, south-west
type of terrain
morainic hills and clayey soils with high calcium carbonate content
temperate, with hot but not humid summers; average annual range of 20-21°
training systems
double arched cane and Sylvoz
grape-harvesting period
after mid September
vinification technique
the gentle pressing of whole grapes is followed by slow fermentation using carefully selected yeasts, at the temperature of 10°; ageing on “fine lees” for 5 months
prise de mousse
traditional method used in the hills of Treviso for many generations. Bottle refermentation, in a dark place at the temperature of 16-17°C, in spring. At the end of fermentation the yeasts remain at the bottom. Duration of fermentation and bottle ageing: about 3 months
duration of the cycle
about 8 months

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