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The visit starts with an introduction to the crops and products from the estate’s flat lands, with its arable fields, walnut groves and pomegranate orchards.? 

It continues with a visit to our modern buffalo sheds and cheese unit, where milk is turned into mozzarella, yogurt and other dairy products, every day of the year.? 

Visitors learn how our biodigester transforms animal waste and farming by-products into green electricity and heat in a virtuous agricultural circle where everything is a valuable resource! 

The Museum of Crafts and Country Life then provides fascinating insight into the history, lives, manual skills and brilliance of our ancestors. 


Location: Mandre di Borgoluce, via Mandre 47, Susegana (Treviso)

Tasting itinerary

Duration: 1:30 min
Rate: 25 €, minimum 8 people

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