Livestock, fields and clean energy



Between Venice and the Dolomites, Borgoluce is a land, an estate where genuineness is really traceable.

Free-range livestock, fields where horses, cattle, pigs and sheep roam free as nature intended. Hills where vineyards alternate with woodland and meadows. Flat verdant valleys of corn, wheat and barley, walnut groves and pomegranate trees.

A short traceable supply chain: wine, meat, buffalo mozzarella, walnuts, flour and crackers, oil, and honey, all produced on the estate. The farmshop, osteria restaurant, Frasca agri-bistro, and guesthouse in the hills allow visitors to enjoy their surroundings and all its flavours.

This estate is tended with passion, and a huge wood and modern biodigester provide eco-friendly clean energy for sustainable development of the area.

A love for this land is what convinced Ninni and Caterina di Collalto, together with their mother Trinidad and Caterina’s husband, Lodovico Giustiniani, to dedicate their efforts, day after day, to promoting a heritage that is one of its kind in Veneto. Their aim is to teach future generations more about the countryside so they can cultivate a love for something that will one day become a better place to live in.


100 hectares of vineyard, alternating with fields, woodland, meadows and olive groves. A temperate climate, thermal excursion, and constant ventilation to dry the vines after rain, calcareous soils of ancient marine or moraine origin from the glaciers in the Dolomites: the natural aromas of the grapes are the result of all these factors!
Tending of the vines incudes organic fertilisation, frequent grass-cutting, protection with active substances having low environmental impact: this is integrated pest control for environmentally friendly production and consequently our bottles have a bee on their labels, the symbol of SNQPI (the Italian integrated crop management national quality system).
Where Prosecco is “Superior”


Rows of hills run parallel from east to west in the pre-Alps in the northern province of Treviso. This is Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG territory, comprising 15 municipalities and covering 20,000 hectares at an altitude of 100 to 500 metres asl, where vines are grown on the sunny side of the hills and vast woodlands cover the northern slopes.

This zone has seen widespread cultivation of vines since ancient times and it has been the ideal environment for the Glera varietal for more than three centuries. Thanks to a great variety of soils, exposure, gradients and altitudes in each micro-zone, all the wines produced here develop different organoleptic nuances.

The growers follow the strict vine-growing protocol of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Consortium, a virtuous system of integrated pest control for the vine using appropriate agronomic practices and compatible products for increasingly more environmental sustainability.

This is a cultural landscape in the true sense of the word, such a unique scenario created by the vine growers that le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene are now an UNESCO World Heritage Site (7 July 2019)


in the land of Prosecco Superiore
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Care of the land


The Borgoluce land belongs to the Collalto family, who have lived here for more than a thousand years.

Of Longobard origins, during the Middle Ages, the Collaltos distinguished themselves as warriors, politicians, diplomats, and religious figures, then over the following centuries, they gradually became ever more attentive custodians of their terrain and wise farmers.

Today the younger daughters of Prince Manfredo, Ninni and Caterina, with the latter’s husband Lodovico Giustiniani, continue in their ancestors’ footsteps, with one eye on the future and a desire to have their guests enjoy the countryside and the most genuine, healthy products.

An important project, made possible thanks solely to the daily efforts of a great team with everyone enthusiastically contributing their own skills and professionalism to achieving a shared objective.